Welcome to the PANA FORCE

Print this page Pak Army The management of PANA Force Foods has rich history and experience spreading over two hundred years to its credit in handling food items and dealing with food related services. Improvement in quality of food has been a consistent endearvour which resulted in creation of country's largest cook's training facility known as Food Management Wing. Research and Development segment of Food Management Wing identifies the food related problem areas and suggests viable solutions.

PANA Force Food Processing Centre aims at providing quality goods at affordable prices. Presently the company is supplying two different brands of products to Pakistan Army commonly known as Meal Ready to Eat (MRE) and Emergency Pack Ration (EP Ration or High Energy Biscuits) whereas plant for production of dehydrated vegetables and fruits is under construction. PANA Force Foods offer it's customers a wide range of products for selection in line with their liking & taste. This claim is based on our strategic partnership of knowledge sharing with leading institutions of Pakistan

  • Agriculture University of Faisalabad (FUF)
  • Pakistan Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (PCSIR)
  • Agriculture Research Institute (ARI)
  • Armed Force Institute of Nutrition (AFIN)
  • Army Service Corps (ASC) School
  • Food Management Wing, ASC Center