Print this page MEAL READY TO EAT (MRE)

  • Product produced from 'HALAL' ingredients
  • No Chemical Used for preservation
  • Suiting eating habits of Asian Society
  • Special features:-
    • Handy size (35.5 x 22 cm)
    • Soft Packing
    • Light weight (1300 gm)
  • One MRE pack contains complete day meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & Snack)
  • Inbuilt converience of heating arrangement
  • Shelf life above 12 months
  • Easy handling and transportation
  • No special storage conditions required
  • Choice in packing available

MRE Unique Attractions

  • Dishes to the liking & taste of consumers can ben provided
  • Contents of MRE pack can be modified/adjusted according to customers desire
  • Offers wide varieties of dishes from Asian & Middle Eastern cuisine


  • Armed Forces
    • During operations
    • In aid of civil power
  • Civil Population during natural calamities
    • Earthquake
    • Floods
  • Mountaineering / Tracking
  • Survey teams (Mineral exploration) etc

Food Preservation

  • Food is perpared and packed in the most hygienic environment
  • Food is packed in retort pouches (Multi layered aluminum foil pouch)
  • Pouches are sealed by using latest Vacuum Sealing Machines
  • Sophisticated Auto Calve is used for sterilization of food pouches to eliminate microbial and bacterial growth

Nutrition Value. Caloric value as calculated by Armed Forces Institute of Nutrition (AFIN) is:-

Break Fast
Evening Tea


450 Calories
1225 Calories
150 Calories
1250 Calories
3085 Calories